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  • Complete an initial in-depth intake interview  

  • Understand teen through parent's viewpoint

  • Talk about student's strengths, interests, life outside of school

  • Identify teen’s academic strengths and areas for growth

  • Discuss grades, transcript, psycho-educational evaluation

  • Discover what is interfering with academic performance

  • Review teen's use of technology, texting, social media

  • Discuss parent's educational philosophy and goals

  • Strategize to strengthen teen's executive function​

  • Assess home working environment and routines

  • Brainstorm ways to balance teen’s academic, social, and extra-curricular life

  • Plan/attend meetings with teachers and counselors/phone calls/email

  • Prepare for/attend an SST, IEP, or 504 plan meeting

  • Interpret information from a parent/school meeting

  • Discuss various student accommodations and intervention options

  • Access other options and MORE depending on you and your teen's needs

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